After spending 17 years at sea, working on oil tankers all over the world, Greenporter Pat Mundus settled back in her hometown of East Hampton and started her own business called “East End Charters,” in 2006. At that time, she chartered her 57-foot ketch sailboat, called “Surprise.”

When she moved to Greenport soon after, she continued this venture with people chartering her sailboat for different occasions. Then she noticed that, while there were many other sail and power boats around, no one else was doing the kind of charters she had in mind. Seeing the opportunity, she started booking charters for other vessels as she expanded the business to 12 sail and power boats, available for all kinds of events. They range from modest power boats to rent for a few hours, to a very fine, first-class yacht, which you can even book overnight.



“We have luxury sloops, schooners, motor yachts, and more, for many occasions, including girlfriend get-togethers, birthdays, retirement parties, employee appreciation parties, sunset cruises, and also weddings,” said Pat. “We also go to see the fireworks, and we can even go out to spread ashes.” Some boats hold 40-50 people, and one of her boats can even hold 85 people for a sit-down dinner, such as after a wedding.

“We had one charter where a young couple booked the boat to get married on Block Island, and then they took a week-long cruise to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and other islands,” she said. “But my own boat, “Surprise,” is still the favorite.”

Mundus said on the North Fork, “it’s all about the simple pleasures—friends and families just love to pack a gourmet lunch and picnic on the water for the day, anchoring and swimming in a remote place away from it all.”



Pat enjoys living in Greenport, which reminds her of her hometown of Montauk. She bought a house on the water, with a dock right outside her house. Growing up in Montauk, she also lived across the street from the ocean. Her father, Captain Frank Mundus, was a famous shark fisherman who is said to be the inspiration for the character “Quint,” in the book and movie, “JAWS.” 

But unlike her father, Pat preferred sailboats to power boats. She learned to sail in the Caribbean and then went on to the New York Maritime College at Fort Schuyler in the Bronx, where she graduated and enjoyed a long international career aboard oil tankers. This afforded her the time to sail during her many paid vacations.

After working on ships most of her life with only men, Pat now enjoys hiring other women to work in her business, in her mission to give back and encourage women to go to sea,

“I like to train young women captains,” she said. “I hire them, train them, and help them get their license. I’ve had a great career on the water, and I would like to help other women get these opportunities.”

For more information on “East End Charters” of Greenport, call 631-477-6993 or visit


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